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Be BrewWear

Support us!


And that's where you come in!

If you like good beers even half as much as we do and you want to show that to the world, here's your chance to become part of BrewWear. 

You can do this by supporting us: 

  • ​Financially, by pledging our Kickstarter projects or buying our products.

  • Intellectually, by sending us your ideas or designs that we may use in future projects.

  • Mentally, by sharing our page, talking about BrewWear to your friends, collegues or local brewer. And of course by wearing our products as much as possible.

BrewWear was created purely out of passion for good beer and the art of brewing. We wanted to show that passion to the world through fashion. And because of that, we do not have loads of money to start with. We started small with some T-shirts and leather accessories, but we want to grow and make more designs and cool new products.

Find our first Kickstarter project here: